MIC-3961 6U CompactPCI® PCI Carrier Board

The MIC-3961 is a 6U CompactPCI® PCI carrier board that allows users to attach a 32/64-bit PCI card via a J1/J2 connector to a CompactPCI platform. The hold-down bracket secures the PCI card onto the carrier board and protects it against vibration and shock. In addition, the bracket allows a cable to be routed through the front slot panel.

3U CompactPCI Serial Mezzanine Carrier Module DIC551

3U CompactPCI Serial Mezzanine Carrier Module.

Universal digital and analog I/O module for operation on CompactPCI® Serial bus. Module’s functionality is determined by the installed mezzanine boards. DIC 551 is designed for the use in real-time control systems, manufacturing control and data acquisition systems etc. The mezzanine carrier is implemented in CompactPCI® Serial 4HP 3U PCIe x1 standard and makes it possible to place formats of Eurocard type and formats with conductive cooling. Two mezzanine boards can be installed on the carrier and provides possibility of rear or front output of signals from mezzanine. Mezzanine is a functionally complete board, providing analog or digital I/O. Mezzanine version is independent of the PC system bus used, mezzanine’s interaction with the carrier board is carried out with the use of “simple” serial and parallel communication channels (SPI, SPORT, UART etc.). Interaction of the “simple” communication channels and system bus is carried out by the carrier board.


TP CR1/XMC 3U XMC carrier board provides a flexible solution for designers wishing to add XMC I/O functionality to a CompactPCI 32-bit 33/66MHz system. The carrier accommodates one single width XMC module conforming to the IEEE 1386 Common Mezzanine Card standard, with front panel I/O and 64-bit rear I/O. XMC modules supporting up to x4 PCI Express® interfaces can be used. A wide range of commercial and proprietary designed XMC modules can be supported such as SAS, LAN, WAN, Graphics and Communications Controllers. The XMC site provides XMC rear I/O via the PMC Pn4 connector, where the rear I/O signals are routed to the CompactPCI J2 connector. There is an optional rear panel I/O Transition Module. Options to operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C are available. This board is rear I/O plug compatible with the ruggedized conduction-cooled version