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Embedded Tech Trends & PICMG Vision

Justin Moll |

The Embedded Tech Trends (ETT) media event was held in New Orleans last week and it should come as no surprise that the event was very well attended!  The quality of the presentations and media interaction was superb.  Three of the PICMG officers were in attendance.  With the new PICMG leadership, there were very important messages we wanted to convey to our colleagues in attendance.

  1. Activity & presence

We intend for PICMG to be much more active and be more vocal about our efforts.  There are a lot of hidden gems and hot spots of activity for the various PICMG specifications.  We want all of you to hear about the successes, the trends, and the upcoming efforts in the community.

  1. Work more closely with the publications & our members

The PICMG leadership wants to work closely with all of the various publications across the electronics spectrum.  Do you know of a new program using a PICMG technology?  Let us know and when appropriate we will help spread the word!

  1. Closer communication with VITA and other groups

Jess Isquith and I spoke with VITA’s Jerry Gipper about closer collaboration between the groups.  With significant overlap of members and many of the same goals, it makes sense for the two organizations to explore areas of collaboration for mutual benefit.

  1. PICMG – Commercial | Industrial | Rugged

You may notice PICMG using these words — Commercial, Industrial, Rugged.   While VITA is almost completely Mil/Aero, we want to remind the industry that PICMG is well diversified in Industrial, Transportation, Mil/Aero, Medical, Physics/Research, Energy, Communications, and many other industries.

  1. We are Rugged too

With the incredible success of the xTCA specifications in Communications, many in the industry forget that PICMG has very rugged implementations of CompactPCI/Serial, AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA, PICMG 1.3, and COM Express.  CompactPCI Serial for Space and Rugged COM Express are on the way.  Let’s not forget that its CompactPCI on the Mars Rover over 225 million kilometers away.

We at PICMG look forward to many exciting advances to come in 2017 and beyond.

Justin Moll, VP of Marketing

President’s Message – An Exciting New Year for PICMG

Jess Isquith |

2017 marks significant changes for PICMG. As your new president, I am excited to work with incoming VP of Marketing, Justin Moll, returning officers Doug Sandy and Michael Munroe, and our 150+ members. Our key organizational initiatives for this year include modernizing and updating our specifications distribution, creating user groups for standards and families, encouraging collaboration with complementary standards organizations, and starting a university outreach program.

Active standards work will lead to substantial enhancements of COM Express, MicroTCA, CompactPCI Serial Space and AdvancedTCA. PICMG-based product shipments are positioned for a strong year due to the continued growth of COM Express, the adoption of CompactPCI Serial, and the steady deployments of other standards. Over one third of PICMG members will exhibit at Embedded World in March, and we officers will there to support and meet with you.

If you are interested in any of the initiatives and activities mentioned, please contact me at jess@picmg.org or all of the officers at officers@picmg.org. Participation and member driven innovation are the keys to our future success and we thank you for your support.

PICMG mourns the loss of Joseph Pavlat

Joe Pavlat | News |

WAKEFIELD, Mass., September, 2016 – With great sadness we learned of Joseph Pavlat’s Joe 2016passing on Wednesday August 31, 2016 at his home in Grass Valley, California. Joe was born on Feb 4, 1953 in Madison Wisconsin. He was a man of many passions and interests. From flying planes, driving sports cars, hiking, writing, and traveling, Joe rarely took the easy or simple route. Everyone who knew him or had the opportunity to work with him knew he was straightforward, a bit opinionated, extraordinarily caring, and loyal. Raised in Wisconsin, he and his brother made the move to California together in the mid-seventies to help lead the burgeoning computer revolution. After settling in California, he met and married Denise Pavlat (nee Gouffe).

Joe started down the path of becoming a physicist while studying at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. While he was there he realized he was drawn to designing computers and instrumentation. He stayed actively connected to physics throughout his adult life by participating in experiments in Antarctica and on top of the Haleakala volcano in Hawaii. Joe also volunteered his time flying for the Monterey Sheriff’s department Aero Squadron.

A pioneer of Embedded Computing, Joe spent over 36 years building and evangelizing the value of open architectures. His career included leadership positions at Prolog, Motorola and Parker Hannifin. From 1995 until his passing he was the president and chairman of the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG). He was directly involved in the development of both the CompactPCI® and AdvancedTCA® standards. He was the heart of our organization and largest proponent of our structure that gives every member a voice, and the IP policies that enable safe collaboration.
Joe’s passion for writing and all things PICMG made for a perfect partnership with Open Systems Media where he served as Editorial Director for several PICMG publications.
Joe’s brother Russell predeceased him and he is survived by his wife Denise Pavlat. Per his wishes, no services are being held.