MicroSAM Overview

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This specification defines a new form-factor that is targeted at helping traditional sensor vendors quickly create smart sensors without having to worry about the control domain of the sensor.  The Micro Sensor Adapter Module (MicroSAM) is a compact computing module developed specifically to meet the needs of sensor-domain control within the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) application space.

MicroSAM fills a need not currently addressed by other PICMG specifications; namely, a compact module targeted at microcontrollers within a sensor domain.  As such, the processing performance, and I/O connectivity are targeted toward sensor interface.  MicroSAM may exist in parallel with other PICMG technologies, where MicroSAM devices provide sensor connectivity, and MicroTCA®, COM Express®, or CompactPCI® Serial provide higher layers of control.

This specification recognizes the availability of many microcontroller-based open-sourced platforms.  MicroSAM extends and co-exists with this ecosystem by offering a standards-based solution that has been designed specifically for embedded use.  Industrial environmental operating range, power filtering and robust connectors are some of its key advantages.

MicroSAM Objectives

This specification has been developed in order to benefit the industry in three specific ways.  These are:

  1. To enable sensor vendors to create smart sensors without having to manufacture the control circuitry and/or software by purchasing these components from PICMG-compliant suppliers.
  2. To enable controller suppliers who wish to create smart sensors or smart-sensor components to do so in a way that is interoperable with other suppliers.
  3. To accelerate the uptake of smart-sensor technology through open-specifications and interoperability.

When combined with the PICMG sensor-domain network architecture and data model, sensors connected to MicroSAMs will seamlessly integrate into the network with plug-and-play interoperability.

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