Joining PICMG

PICMG’s charter is to develop completely open industry standards for the “non desktop,” specialized computer market. Our open standards are sometimes described as “COTS” (Commercial Off The Shelf” or “MOSA” (Modular Open Standards Architectures) technologies. Anyone can use or build to PICMG standards, and no licenses or royalties are necessary for either use or manufacture.

Any interested individual or company can join PICMG. Suppliers and users of industrial, telecommunications, data acquisition, mil/aero, transportation, user interface, and security equipment are encouraged to join the community of designers, integrators, and users of PICMG technologies. PICMG is a non-profit organization financed largely through membership dues. It is a “flat” organization that is not controlled by any single company or small group of companies. Robust Intellectual Property policies and formal Policies and Procedures ensure fair and open technology development processes. PICMG operating procedures are open, transparent, and governed by the entire Executive Membership (over 100 companies) that act as the Board of Directors (see GOVERNANCE).

In operation since 1994, there are currently over 150 member companies. It is only through the active participation of these companies from a wide variety of industries that successful standards are developed, maintained, and expanded. Currently, more than 50 individual specifications grouped in nine broad product families have been published to address a broad range of applications from small single board computers to large, highly reliable platforms for critical telecommunications infrastructure that can process up to 10 terabits/second of data in a single chassis.

The large and technically diverse membership brings a huge talent and experience base for problem solving that is beyond the reaches of even most of the largest companies in the computer industry. PICMG member skills include mechanical and thermal design, electronics and processor design, high speed signaling, simulation, and layout, ruggedization, data acquisition, software, high reliability system design, packaging, system integration, and many more.

Why Join PICMG?
Anyone joining PICMG can play an important role. Participants have access to thought leaders in areas they or their company may lack expertise. They come to know experts in a wide range of engineering disciplines. The groups who develop these open standards do so because they are interested in getting something done in a finite amount of time, and bureaucracy and politics are almost always kept to a minimum. Members of these development groups have a common goal: to create standards that are widely used and that each company involved can make money from. Companies can specialize in their area of expertise without needing to be good at everything. In addition to technical collaboration, business collaborations often evolve in a symbiotic way.

Companies who participate in standards development also have the very important advantage that they are already up to speed when the standard is released and can be first-to-market with compliant and leading edge products.

In its 25 years of operation, PICMG has published almost 50 open industry specifications developed by participants from hundreds of companies.

There are four levels of membership:

Affiliate Membership is a document subscription service for those who only need that level of information.

Associate Membership adds the privilege of participating in all standards development activities and Associates have full participation and voting rights relative to those standards. Associates must agree to abide by PICMG’s governance documents, including the Intellectual Property Policy.

Executive Members also have the rights of full participation in standards development activities, may propose new standards work, and provide full governance of the organization, functioning as the Board of Directors. Associates must agree to abide by PICMG’s governance documents, including the Intellectual Property Policy.

University Membership. Contact for setails

How to Join/Renew

NOTE to Members: To change existing membership information, please email all changes to