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NAMC-psTimer fast and high precision timing module with a resolution in pico seconds

30. August 2018 The NAMC-psTimer is a time measuring module in double mid size or double full size AMC design, which is used in large plants like the European XFEL (Free XRay ectron Laser) in [...]

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The DESY Rear Transition Module (RTM) 4-channel piezo driver  (DRTM-PZT4) has been designed in order to control general purpose piezo actuators using high voltage and high current drive. [...]

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ADLINK Announces First COM Express Type 6 Module to Support Hexa-core Intel® Core™ & Xeon® Processors

New Type 6 module aimed at performance-demanding applications ADLINK, a leading global provider of advanced embedded modules, introduces its latest COM Express Type 6 modules, thus widening its [...]

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COMe-B75-CT6: from great power comes great flexibility

Arezzo (Italy), February 23, 2018   From February the 27th to the 1st of March 2018, the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference—the foremost international trade fair for embedded [...]

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