LinkedHope® Released a 2U Ruggedized Data Processing Computer

Jan 23rd, 2018, as an independent embedded computer manufacturer, LinkedHope® released a China Local-design, Local-manufacturing 2U ruggedized data processing computer named CP42102, compliant with PICMG CompactPCI® specification.

CP42102 can meet the demands for big data processing, computing and storage, as CP42102 is equipped with a 3rd Gen embedded Core™ i7 high-performance processor with up to 16GB memory and 1TB storage. On CP42102, interfaces like Ethernet, USB, serial ports, VGA, etc. are routed to the rear through aviation plugs; inside the chassis, CPU slot and 2 service slots are connected by 1x LVTTL; outside the chassis, 2 N50K RF interfaces are added for external interconnection.

Besides, with high level electromagnetic shielding materials, high performance/power ratio, all sealed design and conformal coating, the working stability and reliability of CP42102 under severe or electromagnetic environments are best guaranteed.

With ruggedized conduction cooling structure and CompactPCI® module design, CP42102 has excellent performance on heat dispassion and anti-vibration, and can save costs on maintenance in the long run.

Target applications of CP42102 include: Rail Transit, Command, Car-borne/Ship-borne/Air-borne Platform, Machinery.

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