Samtec COM-HPC® Interconnects from Samtec on Vimeo.

The development of COM-HPC® exceeds the demand for high-speed performance in embedded computers, and provides scalability for next-gen embedded system designs. Samtec interconnects included in this standard offer 5 mm and 10 mm stack heights, a 400 pin open-pin-field on 0.635 mm pitch, BGA attach, and up to 112 Gbps PAM4 performance. Please watch the video to learn more.

Samtec COM-HPC® Interconnects

Come to understand the new specification and experience the performance boost with Advantech new COM-HPC Server Module, SOM-8990 with Intel Skylake-D CPU in size E form factor!

Find out what’s so special about Advantech SOM-8990 – the latest COM-HPC server module

In this video, Christian Eder, the Chairperson of the COM-HPC Technical committee and Director of Marketing for congatec explains not only why there is a need for a new spec, but how it was developed.

COM-HPC Academy: Introduction to COM-HPC

One important issue when scoping out a new specification is to be sure that it can live a long, healthy life. When writing the new COM-HPC specification, the authors did just that, as Intel’s Joel Finkel and Pawitter Bhatia explain in this video.

COM-HPC Academy: Investment Protection and Scalability with COM-HPC