One important issue when scoping out a new specification is to be sure that it can live a long, healthy life. When writing the new COM-HPC specification, the authors did just that, as Intel’s Joel Finkel and Pawitter Bhatia explain in this video.

COM-HPC Academy: Investment Protection and Scalability with COM-HPC

In this video, Kontron’s Stefan Milnor starts out explaining in general terms how a spec gets written. Then he details how that translated to the new COM-HPC specification, which is written under the guidelines of PICMG.

COM-HPC Academy: Open Specification Development Process

In this video, delivered by Max Chi of Advantech, you will learn how to harness and maximize that performance for your specific Industrial IIoT and edge applications. He provides a strong overview of Client modules (Size A, B & C).

COM-HPC Academy: The Journey to COM-HPC Client Modules

In this video, Chris Engels, a Product Marketing Manager for Avnet Integrated/MSC, explains how to design the carrier board for this new, high-performance specification. He goes through both the mechanical and the electrical specifications.

COM-HPC Academy: COM-HPC Carrier Design Considerations

In this video, Henk van Bremer, Director of Boards and Modules at ADLINK, focuses on the server module, which solves many of the issues associated with bringing server level computing to the edge, especially the power that’s needed to drive some of the latest microprocessors.

COM-HPC Academy: Introduction to COM-HPC Server

In this video, Burrell Best, Industry Standards Manager at Samtec, explains the technical considerations and architectural decisions that helped define the COM-HPC electromechanical interface. He details key power management and signal integrity considerations that influenced pinout, pin counts, next-gen connector design and channel topologies.

COM-HPC Academy: Delivering Bleeding Edge Power and Performance

In this video, Jens Hagemeyer and Martin Kaiser from Bielefeld University explain how the COM-HPC platform management portion of the standard was developed and the thinking that went into it. The second portion of the video discusses COM-HPC for non-x86 architectures including ARM, RISC-V, GPUs, and FPGAs.

COM-HPC Academy: Platform Management and Heterogeneous Computing Architectures


Advantech (Headquarters Taiwan) and Advantech Technologies (formerly Nogata, Nogata City, Fukuoka Prefecture) are promoting the spread of “COM-HPC” , a high-performance COM . Advantech SOM-8990 is finally released! In Japan as well, Advantech Technologies has started to support evaluation machine samples for users in Japan. We not only sell boards, but also support Made In Japan custom services including carrier board development


Unboxing COM HPC, Advantech SOM-8990 Eval-Kit in Japan ATJ