Avnet Integrated Launches New Computer-On-Module for High Performance Computing

Stutensee, Germany – 20 February 2020 – Avnet Integrated launches the first of the company’s new Computer-On-Module for High Performance Computing (COM-HPC) product line, the powerful MSC HCC-CFLS client module family. The new product line is based on the new PICMG COM-HPC Client standard.

The MSC HCC-CFLS client module family is suitable for a wide range of applications including sophisticated human machine interface (HMI) systems, complex industrial controls, monitoring systems with numerous sensors, artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications, medical devices and gaming systems.

The client interface offers a large selection of graphic interfaces, 1G and 10G Ethernet ports, PCI Express™ interfaces and USB ports. In addition, Avnet Integrated provides the appropriate COM-HPC client carrier board MSC HC-MB-EV, including comprehensive design support, for a first evaluation of the high-performance computing modules in the new standard for rapid prototyping and for fast application development.

Like all of its innovative embedded modules, Avnet Integrated develops and manufactures its COM-HPC products in Germany. The company leverages its decentralized design centers, which have extensive expertise in the development of embedded solutions, and the company’s own fully automated production facilities. This combination guarantees customers both high quality Computer-On-Modules (COMs) and a long availability of 15 years.

The MSC HCC-CFLS COM-HPC client module family is based on the 9th generation socketed Intel® Core™ S processor family, which ensures high scalability – from cost-effective, entry-level variants to high-end processors with up to eight cores and 16 threads.

The new COM-HPC Computer-On-Module standard was specially optimized by PICMG for particularly powerful high-performance computing applications that focus on extremely high computing and graphics performance with high data throughput. In contrast to the server form factors, the client variants also offer a wide selection of graphics interfaces.

With the availability of the first COM-HPC client module family and an appropriate COM-HPC carrier board, Avnet Integrated allows early access to the new PICMG standard and once again underscores its leading role as a manufacturer of innovative embedded products. Avnet Integrated will rapidly expand its COM-HPC product portfolio with server and client modules.

MSC HCC-CFLS client module family

Technical specifications:

The new MSC HCC-CFLS COM-HPC client product family is available in a wide range of module variants – from cost-effective Intel® Celeron® processors to high-performance Intel® Xeon® and Intel® Core™ i7 processors with thermal design power (TDP) ranging from 35 W to 80 W. For data-intensive applications, the modules can be equipped with up to 64 GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM with optional error checking and correction (ECC).

The graphics of the MSC HCC-CFLS modules support powerful graphics acceleration and hardware-based video encoding/decoding. Up to three independent display units, with a maximum resolution of 4k x 2k, can be connected via three DDI interfaces and one eDP interface.

The PCI Express Graphics (PEG) x16 port based on PCIe Gen3 enables the integration of external graphics and artificial intelligence (AI) accelerators. In addition, further interfaces including 16 PCI Express x1 lanes, USB 3 Gen1 and 2, SATA 3.0, 1G and 10G Ethernet as well as GPIOs are available on the COM-HPC boards.

The MSC HCC-CFLS module family corresponds to the COM-HPC size C form factor and has dimensions of 160 x 120 mm. The module height is determined by the cooling solutions, which depend on the thermal requirements.

For more information, please visit: https://www.msc-technologies.eu/products-solutions/products/boards.html