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November 4, 2015

CompactPCI Serial for Space applications and an update for COM Express

Joe Pavlat

PICMG is in the process of forming two new technical subcommittees that are intended to improve the performance and add capability to two existing standards.

Space CompactPCI Serial will add the Spacewire interface for external communications and Serial Rapid I/O for high speed, deterministic board-to-board communications. This effort builds on the success of standard CompactPCI in space applications, where it is widely used in satellites and on the International Space Station.

A Call for Participation has just gone out inviting PICMG members to join a new subcommittee that will update and refresh the Com Express specification. The updates include providing for 10 gigabit Ethernet and facilitating the transition from LPC to eSPI.  A new Type 7 pinout will also be defined. Miscellaneous fixes and updates will also be addressed.

For information on either of these projects, contact Joe Pavlat at PICMG:  [email protected]