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July 11, 2019

How to Make the Last Foot of IIoT Networks Plug n’ Play

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PICMG CTO Doug Sandy explains what the standards body is doing at the last foot of the network, using a demo that shows how binary time-series data from an analog sensor is communicated over a serial interface, converted into JSON format, and transported to the enterprise via Ethernet. Besides making the last foot of IoT networks plug n’ play, Doug provides a sneak peek at COM-HPC.

June 27, 2018

Interoperable IIoT Data Models and Hardware Standards: Join the PICMG Revolution

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The Internet of Things suffers from a lack of common data models. Interestingly enough, PICMG, traditionally a hardware standards organization, is helping developing data models based on open source software as a possible remedy. Here, Doug Sandy CTO of PICMG uses a simple CNC machine to deconstruct the complexity, and also alludes to a potential standard, postage-stamp-sized hardware platform that will help fulfill the IIoT vision for embedded engineers.