AcPC8635A: Nonintelligent 3U cPCI IP Carrier, Rear I/O

AcPC8635A: Nonintelligent 3U cPCI IP Carrier, Rear I/O
Manufacturer: Acromag, Inc.

Two IP module slots. Rear access I/O. Plug-and-play carrier configuration and interrupt support.

The AcPC8635A is a non-intelligent slave board that interfaces two IP modules to the CompactPCI® (cPCI) bus.

All 100 I/O points are brought out the rear J2 connector. This convenience eliminates messy cables from hanging out the front of the cage. In addition to a more efficient cage wiring design, it is also much easier to insert and replace boards.

The AcPC8635A is a drop in replacement for the AcPC8635, please contact the factory for more information.

Performance Specifications


Acromag’s carrier boards provide full data access to the IP module’s I/O, ID and interrupt spaces. With full access to the programmable registers, you can easily configure and control the operation of the IP modules from the cPCI bus.

Up to two interrupt requests are supported for each IP module. All board interrupts are mapped to PCI bus INTA# signal.

Individual passive filters on each IP power supply line provide optimum filtering and noise isolation between the IP modules and the carrier board.
IP Compliance (ANSI/VITA 4)

Meets IP specs per ANSI/VITA 4-1995 (8MHz operation only) and IP I/O mapping to J2 per PICMG 2.4 R1.0.
Electrical/mechanical interface: Supports single or double size IP modules.
IP Module I/O space, ID space, INT, and MEM space supported.
Interrupts: Supports two interrupt requests per IP module and interrupt acknowledge cycles via access to IP INT space.

CompactPCI bus Compliance
Meets PCI spec. V2.1 and PICMG 2.0, R2.1.

Features and Benefits:
wo industry-standard IP module slots
Board resides in memory space
Supports IP module I/O, ID, INT, and MEM spaces
Supports 8 and 32 MHz operation
100 I/O points with rear access
High-density rear connectors
Compatible with 32-bit CompactPCI® backplane
Plug-and-play carrier configuration and interrupt support
Two interrupt channels per IP module
Front panel LEDs
Supervisory circuit for reset generation
Individually filtered and fused power to each IP
• Ruggedized with ESD strip and EMC front panel
• Easily integrate IPs with your software using RTOS VxWorks, Linux, or Win DLL for Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/7 32-bit systems

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