April 12, 2017

AVC-cPCIs – 8x D1 Video Frame Grabber for CompactPCI Serial

The AVC-cPCIs is a high-performance 8-channel video capture and overlay controller on a 3U CompactPCI-Serial card. The AVC-cPCIs provides a powerful and flexible solution for capturing up to eight concurrent analog video inputs for local system display or software analysis and processing, ideal for embedded Situational Awareness systems in the most demanding environment.

The AVC-cPCIs allows each of the 8 video channels to be captured at full D1 size, all at full frame rate. The captured video data can be streamed continuously to system memory or disk for either immediate local display or further processing. The capture engine of the AVC-cPCIs features hardware color space conversion to present the captured video data in the format best suited to the end application.

The AVC-cPCIs is supported by drivers for Windows and Linux.

April 12, 2017

HDCorder-RGB/STANAG – CompactPCI Serial RGB H.264 Video Encoder

The HDCoder-RGB/STANAG is an intelligent high definition video recording solution that accepts analog RGB HD input at up to 1080p60 and encodes it to the H.264 video encoding standard. The CompactPCI Serial board solution is ideal for demanding applications in Transportation, Military, Communications, mining and Energy industries.

The HDCoder-RGB/STANAG can capture video from a wide range of analog RGB video sources. VGA, RGSB (Sync-on-green) and Stanag3350 sources can all be captured, encoded and then transferred to the host system over the CompactPCI serial bus.

The HDCorder-RGB/STANAG also features optional on-board redundant storage to compliment the host system storage and improve data integrity. This on-board cache acts as a rolling buffer, storing the most recently recorded data. This storage redundancy ensures no mission data is lost even when starved of host CPU attention in heavily loaded system configurations.

The HDCorder-RGB/STANAG is a standard 3U CompactPCI Serial module and supported for Linux and Windows.

April 12, 2017

H264-ULL-RS343 – CompactPCI Serial Dual channel RS-343 H.264 Video Encoder

The H264-ULL-RS343 is an ultra low latency, dual channel, H.264 encoder for CompactPCI Serial systems. The H264-ULL-RS343 provides a powerful and flexible solution for capturing and compressing 2 Analog RGB RS-343 sources at up to 1080p HD resolution to the H.264/ MPEG-4 AVC (Part 10) standard.

The H264-ULL-RS343 is ideal for time-critical applications as it offers Ultra Low Latency encoding of below 40ms across the entire capture resolution range. The H264-ULL-RS343 supports dual H.264 encodes at resolutions up to 1080p30 or a single channel encode at 1080p60. The H.264 encoding can be flexibly configured to suit a range of bandwidth and storage requirements.

The ultra low latency feature of the H264-ULL-RS343 makes it ideal for real-time video I/P streaming and distribution of RS-343, VGA or other Analog RGB video.

The H264-ULL-RS343 is a standard 3U CompactPCI -Serial form factor module available with a comprehensive video recording SDK for Linux and Windows. An extended RTSP video streaming SDK is also available for applications requiring transmission of the captured data over IP links.