PP B8x/msd – 6U CompactPCI Processor

PP B8x/msd is a single slot air-cooled CompactPCI® board, allowing customers to easily migrate to the latest generation of Intel® processor for longer system lifecycles. PP B8x/msd is a low cost board using a 9th Generation Intel® Core™ i3 Processor with two PMC/XMC sites for I/O expansion mezzanines and a wide variety of built in graphics, networking, USB and other I/O ports. It has a site for an optional SATA flash disk module, PCI Express based M.2 module and can also support a 2.5-inch SSD instead of one of the PMC/XMC sites.


Scorpion connectors are the most versatile modular power/signal connectors in the market. The Positronic Scorpion connector series was chosen as the power and system management
connector for the PICMG 3.8 standard. The Scorpion’s high-density packaging of miniature power
contacts made it the preferred choice for this application.


The A6pci8077 is a single-slot 6U CompactPCI designed to meet the requirements of industrial and rugged fanless applications.
Fully compliant with the PICMG 2.0 CompactPCI standard, the A6pci8077 is based on the Intel Atom E3800 processor family, with 1 to 4 cores, and up to 4GB ECC RAM on a SO-DIMM socket.
Other features include high speed interfaces on the front panel: two Gigabit Ethernet, one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0, two RS-232 serial ports on DB9 connectors, and one VGA. In addition to these interfaces, the A6pci8077 supports one CFast slot for on-board storage, and an internal SATA 2.0 connector.
Supported operating systems include VxWorks, and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.
Professional Services are available for the A6pci8077, starting from BIOS personalization and including full system development and production. Deep board customization, such as feature changes, are also available.