AMC105The AMC105 is a double module, mid-size (full-size optional) board based on the AMC.1 Specification. The AMC105 allows PMC/XMC to be installed in an AMC slot. The PMC PCI-X bus can run at 133MHz.

The PMC/XMC J4 connector is routed to the front panel of the AMC module as a standard option via the Mini-SCSI connector. Alternatively, a limited amount of I/O can be routed to the RTM (Zone 3) per the SLAC specification (contact VadaTech for details).

Ports 17-20 that are defined in the uTCA.4 spec are routed on board so that the Trig signals could be driven from the PMC/XMC to the backplane.

This modular approach allows a MicroTCA chassis to utilize the large numbers of PMC/XMC modules that are available in the market.


AMC104The AMC104 is a carrier for a standard PCIe Gen3/Gen2/Gen1 module with PCIe interfaceas x1, x2, x4, x8 or x16. It comes in a double module, full-size. The AMC104 routes PCIelanes on the AMC ports 4-11. The AMC104 allows extra power to the PCIe module byhaving the external power connector on board.

The AMC104 is fully compliant to the AMC.0 specification. The AMC104 allows standardcommercial PCIe Graphics or other I/O module to be incorporated into the MTCA chassis or ATCA Carriers.


The AMC099 is a single module, compact size (mid-size and full-size options are available) AdvancedMCTM (AMC) 24-Channel Isolated Output board.

The outputs are divided into two categories. The isolated output voltage is used to drive 12 ports and another set of 12 ports is used to sink current.

Each output channel is independent and is processed separately, so activity on one channel has no effect on other channels. A key feature of the AMC099 is the capability to have multiple outputs change state with a single atomic-write transaction.

On the AMC099 the PODO is connected to the +5V Air Craft Voltage.