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February 16, 2021

Kontron: New COM-HPC Standard

COM-HPC VideoKontronVideo

Applications such as artificial intelligence and the upcoming 5G wireless standard come with enormous data hunger and require more computing power. This also requires new concepts for embedded computers: existing standards will no longer be sufficient to cope with the growing embedded market demands. Leading manufacturers in the industry, such as Kontron, have set up a new working group in the PICMG standardization committee to make the COM standard fit for the future. Computer-On-Modules High Performance Computing – COM HPC – will be complementary to the existing COM Express® standard.

December 3, 2018

Elma: cPCI Serial Development Platform

CompactPCI Serial VideoElma Electronic Inc.Video

Product details: CPCIS0-Platform

The cPCI Serial architecture is designed for high speed serial processing applications on a sturdy and rugged standard form factor. It’s commonly used in railway and defense communications.

Elma Electronic’s 3U cPCI Serial test & development chassis platform enables easy lab development, with open access for probing and debugging cards during integration testing and application development.

Several of Elma’s partners make quality cPCI boards for processing, communications storage and other I/O functions