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February 22, 2021

Unboxing COM HPC, Advantech SOM-8990 Eval-Kit in Japan ATJ

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Advantech (Headquarters Taiwan) and Advantech Technologies (formerly Nogata, Nogata City, Fukuoka Prefecture) are promoting the spread of “COM-HPC” , a high-performance COM . Advantech SOM-8990 is finally released! In Japan as well, Advantech Technologies has started to support evaluation machine samples for users in Japan. We not only sell boards, but also support Made In Japan custom services including carrier board development


February 16, 2021

Kontron: New COM-HPC Standard

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Applications such as artificial intelligence and the upcoming 5G wireless standard come with enormous data hunger and require more computing power. This also requires new concepts for embedded computers: existing standards will no longer be sufficient to cope with the growing embedded market demands. Leading manufacturers in the industry, such as Kontron, have set up a new working group in the PICMG standardization committee to make the COM standard fit for the future. Computer-On-Modules High Performance Computing – COM HPC – will be complementary to the existing COM Express® standard.