COM Express Type 6 Starter Kit Plus

– Express-BASE6 Reference Carrier Board
– Debug Card (DB40) and necessary cabling, power supply
– DDI adapter card (T6-DDI) (DDI to DP/HDMI)
– ADLINK USB stick with carrier board schematic, drivers, BSP, Libraries
– ADLINK Live Linux USB stick with SEMA pre-installed
– COM Express Type6 module, user manual (by choice)
– SO-DIMM memory (by choice)
– Thermal Solution, mechanical files (by choice)

COM Express Type 10 Starter Kit Plus

– COM Express Type 10 core module
– Thermal solution (heatspreader or heatsink)
– miniBASE-10R Reference Carrier Board
– LVDS flat panel evaluation kit (optional)
– Schematics, Design Guide, and User Manuals
– ADLINK USB stick with Documentation, Drivers, BSPs, Libraries
– Live USB with Ubuntu and SEMA

XC15 – Rugged COM Express® Evaluation Carrier Board

Rugged COM Express, based on PICMG standard COM.0 or COM Express, has been developed for demanding embedded applications with extended requirements for thermal design, shock, vibration and EMC. Rugged COM Express, together with an application-specific carrier board, forms a semi-custom solution which is suited for application in extremely harsh, mobile and mission-critical environments.

The XC15 is an evaluation and development platform that can be used together with any type of Rugged COM Express module. The XC15 provides physical interfaces and connectors for nearly all current serial standard I/Os, which can be routed from the COM Express connectors to the carrier board. The XC15 comes with one COM Express slot and eight PCI Express card slots, including an onboard PCI Express Graphics (PEG) interface on a standard PCIe x16 connector. In addition, it provides three display ports, four onboard SATA connectors and two CAN interfaces which are available via SA-Adapters.
The functionality of all connectors depends on the Rugged COM Express module used on the XC15. It supports the Micro ATX form factor and can therefore operate in a PC system. Additional USB ports on the front panel for USB driven Flash disks for application storage, complement the memory configuration that is already available on the different COM Express modules.
For a first evaluation of the functions and performance of the Rugged COM Express module of choice, we strongly recommend using the XC15. Further useful accessories include an external PSU, a heat sink and fan, a DisplayPort to DVI adapter, and cables for UART and SATA HD.