CompactPCI Serial Chassis Platforms

The Pixus Technologies CPCIS4VC800 is a 4U vertical-mount chassis that holds up to eight 3U slots at a 0.8” pitch.  The modular card guides can be adjusted to allow 1.0” pitch or other spacing in .2” increments.  The standard PSU is a fixed 350W ATX, but other options are available.  Conduction-cooled card guides are also available for testing and development.   The chassis is 42HP wide, other versions are available in 19″ rackmount or specialty sizes.

The CPCIS4VC800 has various power and backplane configuration options.  Consult Pixus for off-the-shelf options and tailored configurations.

  • 4U vertical-mount chassis platform that accepts 3U CompactPCI Serial boards (see other datasheet for OpenVPX version)
  • Supports RTMs for rear I/O
  • Up to 8 slots at 0.8” pitch
  • Card guides can be adjusted in .2” increments to accept various slot pitches
  • Bottom-to-top cooling configuration. Front-to-rear cooled version is also available.
  • Fixed 350W ATX (other PSU options are available upon request)
  • Low cost design
  • Optional rubber “feet” for desktop applications
  • Customization available


CompactPCI Serial 4U-5U Enclosures from Pixus Technologies

4U or 5U enclosure systems for CompactPCI Serial systems.  Various backplane slot sizes and configurations.  Bottom-to-top or front-to-rear cooling configuration options.  Fixed or pluggable power supplies.  Customization available.