NI 8260 4-Drive, 1 TB In-Chassis High-Speed Data Storage Module

The NI 8260 in-chassis PXI Express/CompactPCI Express high-speed data storage module is part of the PXI streaming system offered by NI. Featuring an onboard PCI Express SATA controller, the module easily fits into a PXI Express chassis and provides up to 1 TB of storage space while occupying only three PXI slots. With the NI 8260, you can choose between hard-disk drives (HDDs) or solid-state drives (SSDs) for increased ruggedness. The HDD option contains four 250 GB 2.5 in. laptop SATA II platter drives. This module can sustain a transfer rate of 200 MB/s when using the HDDs and RAID-0 configuration. The configuration options are JBOD or software RAID-0 setups. RAID-0 provides the highest performance for streaming data to and from disk.

With the robust design of PXI and the NI 8260 high-speed storage module, you have a rugged and reliable solution for field testing or signal recording applications. You can use this module to not only stream high-speed data but also easily move data between multiple test setups or supplement the PXI system controller’s storage capacity.

CPCIStor – CompactPCI Disk Module

These field replaceable modules are designed to support bootstrapping, application load, and data storage in a single 6U CompactPCI slot. They are perfectly suited for communications applications in benign environments as well as applications that require rugged disk drive performance.

· On-board ATA-4 controller supports hot
swap and six different combinations of
storage devices:
DVD+/-RW drive (others available)
2.5″ rotating or solid state flash
Compact Flash
· Supports board level hot swap removal per
· 2.5″ rotating drive sizes up to 250 GB
(formatted up to 128 GB); solid state flash
drives up to 128 GB
· 32-bit, 33 MHz CompactPCI interface
· Operating systems supported: Linux,
VxWorks, and Windows
· Front panel has activity LEDs and ejector
handles for easy removal


RAIDStor is a network attached storage solution (NAS) representing the leading edge in highly available (HA) embedded systems designed for maximum data security, preservation and integrity. RAIDStor is a leap in technology over conventional box level RAID solutions. RAIDStor is a building block that eliminates difficult file synchronization issues required when implementing HA systems.

RAIDStor Features:

* Automatic fail over, drive to drive or blade to blade
* Automatic and transparent duplication of the data across the primary and secondary storage blades
* Drive level front panel hot swap
* RAID 0, 1, 0+1 and 1+1 configurable – no hardware to exchange
* Diskless client boot support
* Web Browser – Manage RAIDStor as an appliance or via SNMP.
* Network management without impact to top level application
* Client/server model for storage access
* Smallest RAID footprint in the industry
* Synchronization capability implemented between blades.
* Supports NFS, CIFS/SMB, Web Server, bootp, and FTP