Com Express

ept’s Colibri® connector is a shielded, 2-row, SMD interconnect system in 0.5 mm pitch.

It is designed to meet the requirements according to specifications not only of PICMG COM Express®, but also of SFF-SIG Core Express®. Furthermore Colibri® products are compatible with all common connectors available on the market and extensively tested.

The connector system is available with 8 mm and 5 mm stacking height plus 220 and 440 pins. To ensure fully automated processing, the connectors are packed in tape and reel.

Additional versions with flexible pin count as well as multiple stacking heights are available on request.

0.5mm Free Height Connector

0.5mm Free Height connector is a two-piece connector system designed for parallel board-to-board stacking applications. The contact system is identical to our popular 0.6mm FH product. The 0.5mm FH product has been chosen by the PICMG COM Express working group as the interface between embedded modules and carrier cards.

Parallel board-to-board for stacking applications that require high density. The 0.5mm FH product is specified by the PICMG COM Express standard as the module to carrier card interface. The connector can be used for all stacking applications in the computer, telecommunications, and industrial industries.