The CPU-163-15 is a rugged COM Express module designed to meet the requirements for industrial and rugged fanless applications.
Compliant with PICMG COM Express R2.1, Type 10, the CPU-163-15 is a 84x55mm (Mini) form factor module based on the Intel Atom E3800 processor family, with 1 to 4 cores, up to 4GB ECC RAM and up to 32GB eMMC.
With ECC soldered down memory and flash storage, the CPU-163-15 is the ideal hardware platform for applications requiring long life cycle, resistance to vibration and reliable data storage, even in extended temperature.
Supported operating systems include Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and Linux; moreover, the CPU-163-15 supports Everyware Software Framework (ESF), a commercial, enterprise-ready edition of Eclipse Kura, the open source Java/ OSGi middleware for IoT Edge Gateways.
Professional Services are available for the CPU-163-15, starting from BIOS personalization and including carrier board design, system development and production. Deep module customization, such as feature changes are also available.

Powerful – Comes with Intel Atom E3800 CPU: one, two and four core configurations, up to 1.91GHz

Mini – Complies with PICMG COM Express R2.1, with a 84x55mm (Mini) form factor and a Type 10 pinout
Reliable – Offers memory configurations up to 4GB with ECC

Rugged – Supports wide operating temperature (-40 to +85°C), conformal coating options, soldered memory and flash storage

Low Power – Enables fanless designs with a CPU TDP starting from 5W

Professional Services – Cuts Time-To-Market with Eurotech Professional Services, which include deep module customization, BIOS personalization, carrier board and system design and production

IoT Native – Provides native support for IoT, including IoT middleware and access to Eurotech IoT Integration Platform

miniBASE-10R: COM Express Type 10 Reference Carrier Board

– Carrier board for nanoX-BT and newer Type 10 modules
– 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, and 1x USB client
– Supports DisplayPort and LVDS (eDP optional)
– 1x SD card slot
– 2x mini PCIe card slots (one supports mSATA)
– 2x LAN connectors
– Conforms to COM Express Carrier Design Guide rev. 2.0
– Supports Smart Battery and 19V adapter power supply

Mezzanine CPU Module COM Express® mini, Type 10 CPB907

Mezzanine CPU Module COM Express® mini, Type 10
• Intel Atom E6xxT™ 0.6 / 1.6 GHz CPU
• DDR2-800 SDRAM, 512 / 1024 MB, soldered
• Integrated graphics controller 400 MHz
• 4 GB NAND flash (SLC)
• COM Express® Type 10 connector signals
• OS compatibility: Microsoft™ MS-DOS®6.22, FreeDOS, Linux 2.6, QNX 6.5.x, Microsoft™ Windows® CE 6.0, Microsoft™ Windows® XP Embedded
• Operating temp. range: -40°С … +85°С (IEC 68-2-14-84)
• Shock / vibration stability: 50g / 5g (IEC 68-2-27-87; IEC 68-2-6-82)
• MTBF: 200 000 hours

Mezzanine CPU Module COM Express® mini, Type 10, 55 x 84 mm. Designed for building highly-reliable energy-efficient embedded systems with small dimensions.
Conforms to “PICMG® COM.0 COM Express® Module Base Specification Revision 2.1”.