Scorpion connectors are the most versatile modular power/signal connectors in the market. The Positronic Scorpion connector series was chosen as the power and system management
connector for the PICMG 3.8 standard. The Scorpion’s high-density packaging of miniature power
contacts made it the preferred choice for this application.

Rack mount 2U Rugged Data Processing Computer

CP42101 is a 2U Ruggedized Data Processing Computer, developed and designed by LinkedHope. The computer is compliant with PICMG® CompactPCI® specifications. Rugged structure and conduction cooled thermal solutions leave no worry about the board stability under harsh shock and vibration environment for end users.

CP42101 has 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Embedded i7 Processor inside, strong performance, offers up to 16GB 1333 MHz DDR3 SDRAM, 1TB inside solid state storage with high speed, as can satisfy the large capacity information processing and storage requirements. An external storage interface with destruct and encrypt function, is reserved in the CP42101. It supports easy removable Data storage Unit, which can be up to 1TB Storage capacity. To achieve the purpose of data security and IP protection, users can load or remove sensitive data according their actual needs.
In addition to GbE, USB, COM, VGA and other interfaces through Mil plugs from the rear output,

CP42101 still reserves a hidden user debug interface in the front of the chassis. In this case, users don’t have to frequently remove the heavy cable which butted with Mil plugs, when debugging.
The CP42101 totally enclosed with high level Electromagnetic Shielding Material, high performance/power ratio, works stably in extended temperature range, and is an ideal selection for high reliability and high availability required applications, like harsh environment communication, and can also be an ideal control unit in variant devices and equipment.

Target Applications:
Rail transportation, Emergency command vehicles, Chariots, warships, Airborne Platform, Large machinery.


The XPand4201 redefines the limits of power, performance, and functionality in a sub-½ ATR chassis. This forced air-cooled, fully ruggedized chassis is designed to meet the rigorous standards of MIL-STD-810 F/G while integrating the latest power-saving and performance-enhancing technology. The heat from the internal conduction-cooled modules is conducted to sidewall heat exchangers, where it is dissipated to the ambient environment by forced-air cooling. The XPand4201 sidewall heat exchangers have been increased by 1/2″ on each side to provide increased cooling capacity over the XPand4200. In today’s avionics and ruggedized environments, size really does matter, and the XPand4201 sets a new standard for sub-½ ATR computing.

An optional memory module bay can be added to the top of the XPand4201 unit, which supports a removable SATA solid-state disk (SSD) flash memory module.

An optional front-panel USB port provides system monitoring and maintenance capabilities. X-ES maximizes power supply performance, supporting up to 200 W from a MIL-STD-704 28V DC or 115V AC input, as well as internal EMI filtering and hold up for up to 60-ms at 200 W.

Depending on your processing requirements, the XPand4201 can be populated with high-performance, low-power, conduction-cooled 3U VPX or cPCI modules designed and manufactured by X-ES. X-ES also has an extensive lineup of conduction-cooled XMC and PMC solutions to fulfill your data-processing and I/O requirements. Additionally, X-ES provides integration services for third party modules.

Please contact X-ES sales to begin designing a system that will meet and exceed your I/O, processing, and power requirements.