ATCA-9112 40 GbE Switch Blade Supports Up to 16 Slots

The ATCA-9112 40GbE switch blade provides 10/40GbE switching for 16 slots and 8 front panel uplinks with a 640Gbps non-blocking fabric switch from Broadcom. An RTM provides up to 100Gbps of connectivity. Designed for network security, LTE and DPI-centric applications, the ATCA-9112 offers the highest aggregate switching bandwidth within an ATCA chassis enabling support for 16-slot systems. A Broadcom BCM56846 ensures seamless integration through open standard hardware supporting 40GbE or 10GbE ATCA node blades. A Broadcom BCM56321 provides ATCA base interface connectivity. The switch offers a flexible approach to switch blade functionality via a mid-size AMC site to host application processing, acceleration or offload functions. Advantech’s Freescale QorIQ™ P5020-based AMC-4202 or x86-based MIC-5603 PrAMC can be used to consolidate processing requirements.


The ATC806 is ideal for broadband media servers or other applications requiring the versatility of a powerful 40G or 10G ATCA switch with dual integrated AMC slots. The switch provides two ports of 40GbE/10GbE to Zone 3 RTM, 13 ports to the Fabric Channel and one port to the Update Channel.

Each slot can run 10G or 40G speeds for up to 640G of aggregate bandwidth. A mux selection allows the 40GE or 10GbE to interface together with the GbE signals. Two ports also have a mux selection for routing to the RTM. An RTM can be ordered separately, contact VadaTech for details.

Linux OS is standard on the ATC806, consult VadaTech for other options.


Second generation 10G ATCA Switch with 320 Gbps non-blocking switching bandwidth

Ideal for 4G LTE, 3G and Data Center Networks

The Kontron AT8910 is a second-generation 10GbE switch that supports a wide range of Core, Metro and Carrier Data Center infrastructure applications that require versatile and full wire-line switching performance. Based on Broadcom switching silicon that delivers 320Gps switching capacity on the fabric interface, the AT8910 is also integrated with FASTPATH software featuring a L2, QoS, IPv4 routing/MC and IPv6 routing/multicast module for base and fabric interfaces to develop advanced Layer 2/3/4+ network products.

Kontron also developed several new software feature extensions that include, among others: enhanced Multicast support; provisioning / configuration options; Layer 2 same port bridging; Telecom clocking; IPinIP tunneling; customizable FASTPATH web interface; and, Hardware Monitoring/Management of local and remote sensors and IPMI information.

The AT8910 has been validated to support Wind River Hypervisor running Wind River Linux as guest OSs on each core of the blade’s dual-core unit processor. Kontron also consolidated System Management functions onto the switch with an optional COMexpress IA-based module.

For rear system access the AT8910 is compatible with the RTM8940 Rear Transition Module, which provides up to 80Gbps uplink capability on the Fabric Interface.

The RTM8940 supports 2x SFP 1 GbE uplinks on Base Interface:
o 1000Base-SX/LX Optical Modules;
o 10/100/1000Base-T Copper Module.

Master Clock Generator with Stratum 3 accuracy and SyncE support:
o 2x ETSI T3 E1/T1 BITS input/outputs;
o 2x ETSI T4 E1/T1 Upstream/Downstream Chassis Clock Support;
o ATCA Synchronisation Clock Support CLK1 A/B, CLK2 A/B, CLK3 A/B;
o Clock Synchronisation to MCG of redundant HUB/RTM.

– Support for 14x 10GbE nodes and one redundant hub
meeting NEBS and ETSI standards
– Centralized system management with optional
functionality based on the COMexpress form factor
– Separate switch silicon for Base and Fabric interface
– 4x 10GbE Front Fabric Uplinks; 4x 10GbE Front Base Uplinks
– 1x GE Mgmt. and 2x Serial Console
– Support for Synchronous Ethernet on RTM
– Optional integration Wind River Hypervisor