The ATC998 is an Advanced Telecommunication Computing Architecture (ATCA) passthrough module for GbE. The ATCA998 routes 8x 1000Base-T Ethernet from the front panel to a Rear Transition Module (RTM) through the Zone 3 connector. This eliminates cabling from the top or side of the chassis hence a more robust integration.

Front panel Ethernet access is provided through eight RJ-45 ports.The ATC998 is designed to mate with the Vadatech Rear Transition Module (RTM) ART998.


The ATC136 is an ATCA A/D converter with eight channels based on EV10AS150B ADC at 10-bit resolution up to 2.6 GSPS. There is also one channel AD9129 DAC at 14-bit up to 2.8 GSPS, two Reference Clock inputs and dual GbE via RJ-45. The carrier has a Xilinx V-7 FPGA with an on-board QorIQ P2040 PowerPC for efficient performance and ease of configuration.

The FPGA has 4Gb and the PPC has 4GB of 64-bit DDR3 memory.The ATC136 provides a JTAG header on the front panel and dual microUSB.Categories:


The ART999 is an RTM filler panel to plug an empty slot and confine airflow. The 8U x 80mm size board has dual extractor handles.