AMC Front Panels and Filler Panels with Flange uTCA 1.0 Compliant

Atrenne offers a range of Robust AMC front panels and filler panels with a retention flange which enables the user to secure the AMC in the carrier or chassis.

Key features:
-Extruded Aluminum Construction for Rigidity
-Full, Mid, and Compact sizes
-Single or Double Width
-Stainless Steel or Aluminum
-Components, Kits, Assemblies
-Full Range of Customization Options

AMC front panels are comprised of top and bottom blocks, light pipes and ejector handles, plus the M3 captive Screws for fastening

Full range of filler panel sizes with air baffles options

Contact: Atrenne Sales

CNU009 Back Plane Power Module connectors for MicroTCA system

Yamaichi Electronics offers our CNU009X-096 Back Plane Power Module connectors for MicroTCA systems. Our products are designed with Press-Fit termination technology and are consist with 24 high power contacts capable of carrying 9.3A current each. Also, CNU009X-096 series can withstand over 200 times of mating cycles to ensure long-term module reliability.

CN084 MCH Plug connectors for MicroTCA systems

Yamaichi Electronics offers our MCH Plug connectors for MicroTCA systems. CN084 series is to cater wide range of MicroTCA module stacking orientation and it is capable of 12.5 Gbps transmission speed.