VPB Series

The VPB series is part of the AdvancedTCA family of PICMG 3.0 AdvancedTCA Zone 1 connectors. VPB series connectors offer PICMG 3.0 compliance.

AdvancedTCA 5U Shelf

5U ATCA shelf, 19″ rackmount. 5-6 slot ATCA backplane in Dual Star or Mesh topology. Up to 100GbE backplane speed (10G and 40G also available). Specialty power options and various shelf manager choices available.

ATCA 5U 14 Slot Dual Star Backplane

ATCA 5U 14 slot dual star backplane is compliant to PICMG 3.0 specifications. Amphenol ABSI have strong SI team that offer ATCA backplane simulation support for 10G, 40G and 100G system solutions.
5U 14 slot ATCA backplanes have zone 1 power connectors and zone 2 fabric connectors. Zone 1 connectors contain system management interface and power entry pins. Zone 2 connectors contains base interface, fabric interface, update channel and clock interface. Base interfaces and fabric interfaces are in dual star topology.