VME64x on CompactPCI® Specification, PMC on CompactPCI® Specification, IP on CompactPCI® Specification


This specification maps VME64x bus signals onto the J4/P4 & J5/P5 2 mm connectors of a 6U CompactPCI® board. Using this connector pin assignment you can build a board with a VME64x and a CompactPCI® bus interface that will fit into a single 6U Eurocard backplane slot. The VME64x interface is on the top connectors, J4/P4 & J5/P5, and the CompactPCI® interface is on the bottom connectors, J1/P1 & J2/P2. The middle connector, J3/P3, can be used for user defined I/O.”

Ratified: August 7, 1998
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