Serial RapidIO on AdvancedMC™ Specification


AMC.4 defines the implementation of Serial RapidIO on an AMC.0 Module and Carrier device. It is dependent upon, and leverages, AMC.0 for definition of the mezzanine’s mechanical, interconnect, management, power and thermal requirements. This specification is subsidiary to AMC.0 and is limited in scope to defining Port usage and Electronic-Keying (E-Keying) parameters for Serial RapidIO. This specification includes definition for both AMC Modules and Carrier devices. It defines usage for one or more Serial RapidIO Links. Appended to this specification is a signal integrity report prepared by the RapidIO Trade Association. It provides designers with information relevant to board and backplane design for various configurations of AMC modules in both ATCA and MicroTCA. This document is based on the AMC.0 Revision 2 specification.

Ratified: July 11, 2009
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