PCIExpress™on AdvancedMC™ Specification


AMC.1 defines the implementation of PCI Express on AMC.0 Modules and Carriers. It is dependent upon and leverages AMC.0 for definition of the mezzanine’s mechanical, interconnect, management, power and thermal requirements. This is a subsidiary specification to AMC.0 and is limited in scope to defining Port usage and Electronic-Keying (E-Keying) parameters for PCI Express. This specification includes definition for both AdvancedMC Modules and Carriers. AMC.1 defines a single Fat Pipe Link of 1, 2, 4, and 8 Lanes. AMC.1 also defines a reference clock for use with the Fat Pipe Link. Compatibility between an AMC.1 Module and Carrier depends on a number of parameters such as their negotiated Link width and the location of the Root Complex. AMC.1 addresses only the parameters of the devices at each end of the Link which identify capabilities and requirements or can be configured to establish a compatible Module and On-Carrier device pair.

Ratified: October 8, 2008
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