Advanced Mezzanine Card Specification for Storage


AMC.3 defines the implementation of storage devices and certain aspects of the Carrier. It is dependent upon and leverages AMC.0 for definition of the mezzanine’s mechanical, interconnect, management, power and thermal requirements. Functions are divided into Storage Server and Storage Client functions, where the former provide a data store and the latter use a data store. A more complete definition is provided in Sections 4 and 5. AMC.3 may be implemented with any of the allowable module sizes supported by the AMC.0 specification, such as single-width or double-width, full-height or half-height. Storage modules employing other fabric connections as the host interface should follow the requirements and guidelines of AMC.2, but may employ an AMC.3 Storage Client interface. For this purpose, the AMC.3 port assignments have been selected to avoid conflict with other AMC port assignments. Such modules are not “storage servers” in the AMC.3 sense, even though they provide a server function in the larger system context.

Ratified: August 25, 2005
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