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(cPCI) Boards - 6U Processors

The NVTP1001 is a high-performance hot swap 6U cPCI board, based on the Motorola versatile MPC8265/8280 “PowerQuicc II” processor. It provides 2 PMC slots for use with any PMC modules as well as a Gigabit Ethernet port using either a standard RJ45 1000BaseT connector or an optical fibre connector on the front panel. With its unique and open design the NVTP1001 enables the customer to interconnect between any type of network physics using a one slot single board computer. The on-board central switching resource (a programmable Routing Pool) optimizes the NVTP1001 for use in any sophisticated telecom and networking applications such as SS7, ISDN, ATM or VoP or interconnecting environments. The NVTP1001 supports both the H.110 (PICMG 2.5) and the IP-Backplane (PICMG 2.16) standards