N.A.T. GmbH

N.A.T. GmbH
Location:Konrad-Zuse-Platz 9 Bonn 53227

“Made in Germany” N.A.T. provides solutions for wired and mobile networks based on common hardware standards for i.e. the communication, defense & aerospace and test & measurement markets.
The portfolio includes turn-key and application-ready systems, high-performance network interfaces, protocol stacks, single/multi-core network processors, intelligent switches and system controllers for communication applications requiring scalability and flexibility.
Covering all standard form factors N.A.T. has also been at the forefront of AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA and AMC technologies. Resulting from highly motivated engagement in these new technologies as well as profound expertise N.A.T. became one of today’s leading edge suppliers for board and system level products based on AMC and MicroTCA.
N.A.T. presents rack mountable solutions for media gateways for NGN and legacy networks based on the open standard MicroTCA which provide extremely high bandwidths up to 30Gb/s. The turn-key systems incorporate multi-core processing and DSP capabilities as well as multi-port line interfaces, still leaving space for custom hardware and software extensions.

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