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Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) with Freescale quad core QorIQ® P3041

The NAMC-QorIQ-P3041 is a powerful single-width mid- or full-size AdvancedMC (AMC) processor board designed around the high-performance Freescale quad core P3041 with SATA, PCIe, SRIO and XAUI interface.

The NAMC-QorIQ-P3041 is designated for today’s packet oriented telecom applications such as LTE or VoIP. Additionally the NAMC-QorIQ-P3041 can be used as general purpose CPU in medical, industrial automation, defence & aerospace applications demanding high data throughput and multi-core processing power combined with dual SATA interfaces.

The P3041 is a multi-core packet processor offering four 32-bit e500mc cores with up to 1.5 GHz. It provides security and pattern match engines, sophisticated buffer and queue management hardware, and additionally various high speed serial data links.

The P3041’s e500mc cores can be combined as a fully-symmetric or as fully asymmetric multi-processing, system-on-a-chip. The ability of the cores to run different operating systems, or run OS-less, provides the user with significant flexibility in partitioning between control, datapath, and applications processing.

The P3041 packet processor is accompanied by a set of supporting hardware blocks for time keeping/tracking as well as for external protocol processing/conversion and acceleration. Dual SATA ports provide high-speed, low-cost storage options for statistics or large databases.

The combinations of storage interface, fat pipe combinations of PCIexpress, SRIO and XAUI address the need of applications of a cost-efficient solution compared to the P40 and P50 family members. The P3041 is designed for combined control and dataplane processing enabling high-performance Layer 2-7 processing.

The rich feature list of the P3041 CPU turns the NAMC-QorIQ-P3041 into a state-of-the-art packet processing board.

Thus, the board is ideally suited for applications in ATCA and MTCA environments.