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The NAMC-8569-E3/DS3 is an Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) with a powerful Freescale Power QUICC III MPC8569 processor providing access to DS3/E3 interfaces in next generation systems based on MTCA and ATCA standards. The TDM-to-ITDM converter connects the onboard DS3/E3 interface with a Gigabit Ethernet port for system interconnect (I-TDM).

The NAMC-8569-E3/DS3 is dedicated for (tele-)communication applications with extensive need for a high aggregation of DS3/E3 interfaces combined with access to switched networks based on high bandwidth Ethernet.

The chipset on the submodule consists of a line interface unit (LIU) from Maxim-Dallas (DS3251) that connects to a multiplexer/demultiplexer chip from PCM-Sierra (TEMUX84) to get access down to DS0 level.

The DS3/E3 framer interfaces to the on-board timeslot interchanger (TSI) chipset. The TSI as well as the TDM-to-ITDM bridge are incorporated in an ECP3 FPGA from Lattice. The TSI allows flexible routing as well as multi-casting of 64kbps timeslots between the various DS3/E3 streams. The TDM-to-ITDM bridge converts the TDM oriented bit stream into Ethernet packets and vice versa.

The MPC8569 offers a maximum TDM processing capability of 512 64kbps channels.

Access to just 8 or 16 E1/T1 lines can be provided by a derivate of the NAMC-8569-E3/DS3, the NAMC-8569-xE1.

System Processor and Memory
– powerful Freescale Power QUICC III MPC8569
– e500 PowerPC core combined with dedicated
– interface hardware and four RISC cores
– core frequency with up to 1.3GHz
– 128-1024 MB DDR2 SDRAM, 128 MB FLASH memory

E1/T1 Access
– on-board framer provides access to a DS3 – line at the front panel
– standard framing formats and
– T1 Super Frame (SF)
– T1 Extended Super Frame (ESF)
– T1 Digital Multiplexer (DM)
– T1 Switch Line Carrier -96 (SLC-96)
– E1 G.704 and G.706 (CRC-4 multiframe)

TDM and I-TDM Interface
– on-board timeslot interchanger (TSI) and TDM-to-ITDM bridge incorporated in an ECP3 – FPGA from Lattice
– flexible routing, multicasting of 64kbps timeslots
– optional 32MHz clocked H.110-alike TDM backplane interface on AMC connector(extended area).

Fabric Support
– Fat Pipe PCIe: one x1 (port 4 or 8) or one x4 (ports 4-7 or 8-11) or
SRIO: two x1 (port 4 and 8) or one x4 (port 4-7 or 8-11).
PCIe and SRIO: one x1 PCIe (port 4) and one SRIO (port 8).
– Base Fabric
Two 1000BaseX interfaces at port 0 and port 1 of the common options region of the AMC backplane connector.