MicroTCA Enhancements for Rear I/O and Precision Timing Specification – PDF


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Product Description

As an enhancement to MTCA.0, the base specification for the Micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture, the MicroTCA.4 specification defines an addition rear I/O area for specialized AdvancedMC™ devices and a corresponding rear transition module, called a MicroRTM.


The MicroTCA.4specification also includes extension of the platform management to allow these new resources to be accurately managed by the system, as well as specialized interconnects for control and distribution of high speed timing resources used by synchronous data acquisition applications.

MicroTCA.4 was originally created for the High Energy Physics community, but it is well-suited for a wide range of applications where RTMs/IO and synchronous data acquisition is required.


As it introduces rear I/O capabilities which offer larger real estate, MTCA.4 closes gap between AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA.



Key Benefits and Features


  • Provides computer architecture consistent with Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) principles for reduced lifecycle costs, quicker time-to-market and a vast ecosystem from multiple vendor sources.
  • Provides high-speed synchronous data acquisition for applications where precision timing is essential.
  • Allows swapping of front modules while rear modules are engaged.
  • Provides user with more I/O options.
  • Provides ability to extend system backplane capabilities beyond standard MicroTCA backplanes by additional backplanes for MicroRTMs.



Target Industries/Applications


  • High Energy Physics
  • Research/Lab
  • Video Processing
  • Energy Exploration
  • Defense

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