Air Cooled Rugged MicroTCA® Specification


The PICMG® Air Cooled Rugged Micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture (MicroTCA®) specification defines the requirements for a System that meets more stringent levels and cycles of temperature, shock, vibration, and humidity than those defined in MicroTCA.0. MicroTCA.0 as defined provides support for requirements such as NEBS, ETSI and ITU specifications, which are focused on the central office telecommunication environment. This specification, which must be used in conjunction with MicroTCA.0, provides the additional requirements necessary for a System with the additional capabilities to meet the more rugged requirements of outside plant telecom, industrial and aerospace environments. In addition it defines the test setups required to test MicroTCA components and Systems This MicroTCA.1 specification is focused on using forced-air as the cooling medium.

Ratified: March 19, 2009
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