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(cPCI) Boards - 6U Processors

The XPort1021 is an intelligent communications controller targeting high-performance yet low-cost applications. The XPort1021 combines a wide array of supported serial protocols, a broad range of serial interface standards, and a flexible I/O routing structure, to pack maximum flexibility into an industry standard cPCI form factor.

Powered by two MPC8270 (PowerQUICC II) processors, the XPort1021 implements eight serial communication ports, each providing an EIA-530-A-compliant signal set. Supporting HDLC/SDLC, UART, transparent, and BiSync modes, with NRZ, NRZI, FM0, FM1, Manchester and Differential Manchester encoding. Coupled with software-configurable support for RS-232, RS-422, RS-423, RS-485 and MIL-STD-188-114, the XPort1021 provides a wide range of serial options.

The XPort1021 will minimize both the cost and power consumption of your system. Because the PCI bridge is integrated on-chip and the MPC8270s are linked via the 60x bus, the XPort1021 draws less power and costs less than conventional designs based on other processors that require a PCI bridge.