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XPand5200 Series




CompactPCI® & cPCI Plus IO

The XPand5200 Series redefines the limits of power, performance, and functionality in a sub-½ ATR chassis. This natural convection-cooled or conduction-cooled, fully-ruggedized chassis is designed to meet the rigorous standards of MIL-STD-810 while integrating the latest power-saving and performance-enhancing technology. In today’s avionics and ruggedized environments, size really does matter, and the XPand5200 sets a new standard for sub-½ ATR computing.

Depending on your processing requirements, systems based on the XPand5200 Series can be populated with up to four high-performance, low-power 3U VPX or cPCI modules designed and manufactured by X-ES. X-ES also has an extensive lineup of PMC and XMC solutions to fulfill your data-processing and I/O requirements. Additionally, X-ES provides integration services for third-party modules.
Optional non-volatile SSD memory provides the convenience of high capacity storage and the ruggedness of solid-state memory. X-ES maximizes power supply performance, supporting an integrated MIL-STD-704 28 VDC power supply. Internal EMI filtering and holdup for up to 100 ms at 70 W is also provided.

Please contact X-ES sales to begin designing a system that will meet or exceed your I/O, processing, and power requirements.