XPand1400 Series

XPand1400 Series
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The XPand1400 Series COM Express Development Platform targets the X-ES Small Form Factor (SFF) XPand6000 Series and other COM Express applications to enable early development and rapid prototyping. It provides a convenient desktop setup with standard I/O connectors. The XPand1400 Series includes all of the functionality of the XPand6000 Series, including support for a COM Express module, a PMC or XMC, and an SSD. With the XPand1400 Series, the transition from development to the target XPand6000 Series system or custom COM Express carrier card is made easy.

The XPand1400 Series provides basic COM Express I/O via fixed connectors, which are accessible through the back panel of its ATX chassis. Additionally, it provides a COM Express I/O Module (CIM) site for access to I/O not available at the fixed connectors. Simply removing the ATX case cover gives access to internal fixed I/O and PIM/XIM I/O.

An integrated fan located below the PMC/XMC site provides ample airflow for the most powerful modules.

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