Manufacturer: MicroLAB Systems
Category: AdvancedMC®

TORNADO-A6678/FMC is a market-unique high-performance single-width AdvancedMC module with 8x core TI TMS320C6678 DSP, Xilinx XC7VX690T Virtex-7 largest FPGA and FMC site. It is designed for reliable 24/7 industrial operation.

The AMC interface includes Fabric-DEFG ports 4-7/8-11 (12.5Gbps) for streaming I/O (AMC.2 Ethernet, AMC.1 PCIe, AMC.4 SRIO) and Fabric-A AMC.2 1GbE ports 0-1 for remote device control and in-chassis AMC-to-AMC communication. The DSP and FPGA are interconnected using 20Gbps SRIO for streaming I/O, and asynchronous parallel bus and GPIO for FPGA control and synchronization. Multi-color front-panel LEDs are provided to indicate user defined events from DSP and FPGA applications. Application specific I/O is adopted via VITA57.1 FMC HPC/LPC mezzanine module with AD/DA, SFP+, QSFP, etc.

The MMC firmware is based on the proprietary TAMMC G2 MMC kernel. MMC also performs power and temperature management of the device and automatically locks/unlocks the device on critical conditions for reliable and safe functionality.

TASDK tools are used to remotely control the device via 1GbE LAN/WAN and develop DSP and remote control applications (Windows, Linux, Android) using unified cross-platform high-level DSP API and Host API. Multithreaded DSP applications for core #0 use TI RTOS/NDK and pre-certified Microsoft Azure ThreadX RTOS for demanding requirements. DSP applications for cores 1-7 are designed with bare-board API for maximum performance.

The board can also be used as stand-alone and embedded controller.

Key Features:
– Complies PICMG AMC.0, AMC.1, AMC.2, AMC.4, MTCA.0
– TI 8x core TMS320C6678 DSP (1.25GHz, 320GMAC/160GFLOPS)
– Xilinx Virtex-7 XC7VX690T (XC7VX330T/XC7VX415T are optional) FPGA
– 4GB x64 DDR3, FLASH and MRAM for DSP for DSP
– 4GB (x64) and 2GB(x32) DDR3 for FPGA
– AMC Fabric-DEFG ports 4-7/8-11 12.5Gbps ports from FPGA GTH
– AMC Fabric-A 1GbE ports 0-1 from DSP SGMII
– VITA57.1-2019 HPC/LPC FMC-site with 160 I/O (1.2V-1.8V), 8x 12.5Gbps GBTs, various FMC activation modes
– TASDK tools for development of DSP applications and Windows/Linux/Android remote control applications
– High-performance MMC controller with TAMMC G2 MMC-kernel and global AMC/FMC management
– Stand-alone/embedded operation from +12V power supply

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