Netarium-6v2 6U 6-Slot AdvancedTCA Reference Systems with Advantech Shelf Manager support

Advantech’s Netarium series of ATCA reference systems are specifically targeted to help network equipment providers reach superior levels of performance over traditional rackmount
servers or appliances and extend their product range at the high end. The series represents a new generation of systems which offer higher performance, greater scalability and extreme
flexibility by using the latest 40 Gigabit Ethernet (40G) backplanes, switches and application blades.

Advantech optimizes the systems to achieve the highest possible density at the rack level, enabling a maximum number of processor cores, network ports and switching capacity.
Each system is tailored for customers to rapidly deploy in data communication markets for applications which require faster and deeper packet processing such as policy and charging enforcement, network security, real-time traffic monitoring, load balancing, subscriber analytics and content optimization among others.

As ATCA was designed to meet the carrier-grade constraints of the telecom industry, the systems integrate the chassis, cooling, power distribution and shelf management into an off-the-shelf platform solution capable of superior 5 NINES availability and reliability.

The mid-range Netarium™-6v2, which supports Advantech’s SMM-5060 Advanced Shelf Management Module, providing IPMI2.0 and ATCA compliant shelf management, focuses on the high performance needs of large enterprise customers in a cost effective system loaded with four MIC-5333 dual Intel® Xeon® blades and 40G switches in a dual-star configuration.

The system provides up to 1.28 Tbps switching capacity and each MIC-5333 blade with RTM pair can accommodate up to 4 FMMs for over 100 Gbps egress per blade with high-speed encryption using FMM-based acceleration modules.

Many different payloads can be integrated into Advantech Netarium™ systems and configured to address diverse industry applications. For more details on integrating a specific configuration please contact