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Category: COM-HPC

The MSC HCA-ALP COM-HPC Client module features the 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processor, giving application designers a great variety of choices of power efficient and performant compute solutions. Offering a great scalability of performance the module is ideal for compute intense applications in instrumentation, high-end medical equipment, transportation, video surveillance and gaming. The Intel® performance hybrid architecture combines Performance-cores and Efficient-cores with the Intel® Thread Director providing intelligent workload optimization. The architecture scales up to fourteen cores and twenty threads at 45/35W thermal design power (TDP). Applications requiring lower power dissipation can be operated with selected processor variants at 12W TDP.

For highest data throughput the module enables fast DDR5-4800 memory technology. Up to two SO-DIMMs can be installed for a total memory capacity from eight to sixty-four GB. I/O located on COM-HPC carrier designs can be connected to the module via up to eight PCIe Gen 3 lanes, up to eight PCIe Gen 4 lanes and an optional eight lane PEG port capable of PCIe Gen 4. The two Ethernet interfaces provide up to 2.5GbE bandwidth each based on the Intel i225/226 network controller. Further high-speed I/O can utilize USB ports featuring USB4 and USB 3.2. System investments are well protected through long-term availability of the module, designed, and manufactured by Avnet Embedded. In addition, the COM-HPC standard enables performance scaling and migrating applications to future technology upgrades when they become available.

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