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Category: COM Express®

The MSC C7B-DVL is equipped with Intel® C3000 series processors, offering broadest scalability from four to sixteen processor cores as well as low-cost entry-level models. The modules have up to five Ethernet interfaces, four of which offer transfer rates of 10Gb, up to 14 PCIe lanes and up to 96 GB DDR4 ECC memory. Some variants that support industrial-level temperatures (-40 to +85°C) are also thought for use in harsh environmental conditions. For evaluation purposes and for starter kits, MSC offers a matching Type 7 ATX form factor carrier board. This feature-rich carrier board brings not only numerous PCI Express slots, four 10Gb Ethernet ports, SATA and other interfaces, but also an optional BMC (Board Management Controller) for remote maintenance. Up to 15 years long-term supply.

Intel Atom® C3000 Series
Intel Atom® C3958 16C, 20HSIO, 4x 10G, 31W TDP
Intel Atom® C3858 12C, 20HSIO, 4x 10G, 25W TDP
Intel Atom® C3758 8C, 20HSIO, 4x 10G, 25W TDP
Intel Atom® C3558 4C, 12HSIO, 2x 10G, 16W TDP
Intel Atom® C3538 4C, 12HSIO, 2x 10G, 15W TDP
Intel Atom® C3808 12C, 20HSIO, 4x 10G, 25W TDP, ext. temp
Intel Atom® C3708 8C, 20HSIO, 4x 10G, 17W TDP, ext. temp
Up to 96GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM (ECC optional)
Up to four 10GbE and one 1GbE interfaces
Two SATA 6Gb/s mass storage interfaces
Up to 14 PCI Express™ lanes routed from CPU to COM Express buckets 0, 3
Up to two USB 3.0 and four USB 2.0 interfaces
Trusted Platform Module
UEFI Firmware
Extended temperature variants

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