Manufacturer: Avnet Embedded
Manufacturer's Product Page: MSC C6C-RLP
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Category: COM Express®

The MSC C6C-RLP COM Express module features the 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processor, giving application designers a great variety of choices of power efficient and performant compute solutions. The module is ideal for applications such as in industrial automation, transportation, medical equipment, process control and HMI terminals, that require outstanding performance on a small form factor. The Intel® performance hybrid architecture combines Performance-cores and Efficient-cores with the Intel® Thread Director providing intelligent workload optimization. The architecture scales up to fourteen cores and twenty threads at 35W thermal design power (TDP). For applications with need for lower power dissipation, selected processor variants can be operated down to 12W TDP. The board is ideal for mission critical applications supporting extended temperature range, 24/7 continuous operation, memory down with in-band ECC protection and optional conformal coating.

The module enables fast LPDDR5-6400 memory technology and up to thirty-two GB main memory. I/O located on COM Express carrier designs can be connected to the module via up to eight PCIe Gen 3 lanes and up to sixteen lanes PCIe Gen 4. The Ethernet interface provides up to 2.5GbE bandwidth based on the Intel i226 network controller. System investments are well protected through long-term availability of the module, designed, and manufactured by Avnet Embedded. In addition, the COM Express standard enables performance scaling and migrating applications to future technology upgrades when they become available.

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