MIC-5345 ATCA CPU Blade with Dual/Single Socket Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 Processor v3/v4 Series for Server & NFV Applications

Advantech’s MIC-5345 is a 40G dual processor ATCA blade based on the Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3/v4 series. The MIC-5345 is offered in two main configurations:
As a dual processor blade supporting 16 DDR4 VLP DIMM slots it offers best in class memory support at lowest cost making it an ideal choice for typical server workloads and virtualized application scenarios such as NFV. Up to 512GB memory capacity allow users to harness the full capabilities of CPU with up to 24 cores and 48 threads for virtualization and adequate physical memory per virtual machine.
The dual socket SKU supports a a Fabric Mezzanine Module type II socket with PCIe x8 connectivity providing extension possibilities for additional front port I/O, offload and acceleration controllers such as the Intel® Communications Chipset 89xx Series, other IPSec offload engines or customer specific logic.
Two QPI interfaces between the CPUs improve memory and I/O access throughput and latencies when one processor needs to access resources hosted by the other socket. It outperforms previous generation dual socket designs while keeping similar thermal characteristics.
In a single processor configuration, the MIC-5345 offers a very attractive price point for applications which require lower processing power such as control plane and orchestration. With support for 8 DIMM sockets, two 2.5″ SSDs and the processing performance of a server-class processor, the MIC-5345 comes with an optimized feature set and outperforms 1st and 2nd generation dual socket ATCA blades resulting in a major cost reduction.
The single socket MIC-5345 SKU features two additional CFAST sockets instead of an FMM site.
Both blade configurations feature two 10/40GbE fabric ports based on the Intel® Ethernet controller XL710-AM2 with fast PCI Express gen. 3 technology running at up to 8Gbps per lane and best-in-class virtualization support.
Advantech’s IPMI solution, combined with an optimized UEFI BIOS, continues to offer advanced features used on previous generation MIC-533x blades, such as HPM.2 support, Dynamic Power Budgeting, BIOS redundancy, Real Time Clock Synchronization and MAC Mirroring. Advantech IPMI firmware has been tested for CP-TA compliance using the Polaris Networks ATCA Test Suite and against a variety of AdvancedTCA shelf management solutions.