HeiSys Embedded System Plattform

HeiSys Embedded System Plattform
Manufacturer: HEITEC AG
Manufacturer's Product Page: HeiSys Embedded System Plattform
Category: COM Express®

The HeiSys system platform combines the advantages of existing and established plug-on modules and offers full scalability of computing power on the one hand and on the other hand, multidimensional modularity in terms of communication and I/O interfaces.

Depending on the application and the requirements for computing power, datarate, signal diversity and power consumption, suitable COM Express boards can be selected.
Together with a self-developed FPGA SMARC module a large variance of interfaces can be mapped. This allows the realization of vehicle/field buses such
as MVB, Profibus, CAN and EtherCat.
A wide choice of wireless standards is supported via multiple M.2 connectors. The system platform is designed for the use of Wi-Fi, GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G, LPWAN, LoRaWAN, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS/GLONASS multiband radio modules for industrial and railway operations.

This eliminates the need for complicated, time-consuming assembly or the timeconsuming coordination of various components.
The compact system is certified for mobile use as a rolling stock or for wayside monitoring by the approval according to EN 50155. Due to the absence of moving parts such as fans, the reliability and the MTBF is significantly increased. The system guarantees operation in an extended temperature range between -40° and +85° C.
The system platform is excellently suited e.g. for the medical, energy / transportation, industrial and digitalization sectors. The system can be used as a gateway, a passenger information system, a wireless-access-point or as diagnostic and monitoring system in the energy sector or transportation. In marine, trains or automotive applications HeiSys can be used as a board computer or for navigation.
HeiSys supports Windows 10 / IoT and all Linux distributions of current kernels. The concept uses main line drivers or the drivers provided by the corresponding modules to ensure proper commissioning and function.

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