HDCorder-HDMI – CompactPCI Serial DVI/HDMI H.264 Video Encoder

The HDCorder-HDMI is an intelligent H.264 high definition video recording solution that accepts a HDMI input at up to 1080p60 and encodes it to the host H.264 video encoding standard. The CompactPCI-Serial board solution is ideal for demanding applications in Transportation, Military, Communications, mining and Energy industries.

In addition to capturing video, the HDCorder -HDMI can capture stereo audio data embedded in the HDMI input source. The video and audio are synchronized and transferred to the host system over the CompactPCI -serial bus.

The HDCorder-HDMI also features optional on-board redundant storage to compliment the host system storage and improve data integrity. This on-board cache acts as a rolling buffer, storing the most recent recorded data. This storage redundancy ensures no mission data is lost even when starved of host CPU attention in heavily loaded system configurations.

The HDCorder-HDMI is a standard 3U CompactPCI -serial module and supported for Linux and Windows.