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COM Express - Type 6, Compact

The CPU-161-18 is a COM Express module that combines a high performance and truly embedded CPU with an innovative hybrid RAM architecture that offers the ruggedness of soldered memory and the expandability of SO-DIMMs.
The standard configuration provides 8GB of memory soldered directly on the PCB and supports up to 24GB DDR4 RAM with ECC error correction through a SO-DIMM slot, targeting use cases where extreme ruggedness is required, and those that need a large memory.The CPU-161-18 can be configured with any member of the Xeon/Pentium D-1500 family; standard versions support extended temperature CPUs, such as the Pentium D-1519 and the Xeon D-1559, closing the gap between traditional embedded applications and servers.
Compatible with existing Type 6 carrier boards, the CPU-161-18 is a headless unit that provides a fast upgrade path to existing projects and that allows the creation of new high-performance ones: a notable feature of this Compact size module is the availability of a x16 PCIe Gen 3 port in addition to the x8 one, a characteristic that is more commonly found only on larger modules; other features include: Gigabit Ethernet, four SATA 3.0 ports, four USB 3.0 and seven USB 2.0 interfaces.
Supported operating systems include Yocto Linux and CentOS; moreover, the CPU-161-18 supports Everyware Software Framework (ESF), a commercial, enterprise-ready edition of Eclipse Kura, the open source Java/OSGi middleware for IoT gateways.
Professional Services are available for the CPU-161-18, starting from BIOS personalization and including carrier board design, system development and production. Deep module customization, such as feature changes are also available.

HPEC and Microserver Ready – Combines computational power with a rugged design to enable High Performance applications even in-the-field

Powerful – Supports the latest generation of embedded Intel Pentium and Xeon D-1500 CPUs to deliver a server-class module

Hybrid RAM Architecture – Innovates by offering the reliability of soldered-down RAM and the expandability of SO-DIMMs

Compact Size with PCIe x16 Port – Complies with COM Express Type 6 Rev 2.1, including support for a PCIe x16 port

Rugged and Fanless – Allows robust, fanless designs thanks to 100% soldered-down components and with a range of energy efficient CPUs

Customizable – Comes with optional personalization and full customization services, ranging from factory options to deep HW/SW configuration changes