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CompactPCI Serial & cPCI Serial Space

3U CPCI-S.0 XMC Carrier

The CPS3105 is a 3U CompactPCI® Serial carrier board that provides support for one XMC module. The carrier board is intended to offer system designers a cost-effective solution to expand the systems I/O capability using a wide range of XMCs available on the market.
The CPS3105 is equipped with a dedicated PCI Express® Switch between the onboard XMC connector and the CPCI-S.0 system connector providing two advantages. First, it decouples and buffers the PCI Express® signals and restores signal integrity. Second, it is able to convert one x4 PCI Express® 3.0 data stream from the system side into one x8 PCI Express® 2.1 data stream to the XMC side. Thus, the maximum data bandwidth can be provided to commonly available XMC modules based on PCI Express® 2.1.

– Cost-effective carrier board for a wide range of applications
– XMCs up to x8 PCI Express® 2.1 supported
– Service-friendly design – hot swap capability and power LED
– Version for the extended temperature range E2 (-40°C up to +85°C)